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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a sense of worry, apprehension, fear, and distress.  It is normal to have these sensations on occasion.  What distinguishes occasional anxiety from anxiety disorders, however, is the frequency and severity of symptoms.  Young people with anxiety disorders are typically so afraid, worried, or uneasy that they cannot function normally.  Affecting as many as one in ten children and adolescents, anxiety disorders are one of the primary mental health problems experienced by young people today.  With early identification and treatment, however, anxiety disorders can often be effectively managed or reversed.

Anxiety Booklet for Parents, Guardians and Child Serving Professionals or Anxiety Quick Fact Sheet (for easier printing) - opens in PDF

Anxiety Disorders School and Classroom Strategies - opens in PDF

Anxiety Disorders Home Strategies - opens in PDF

Electronic templates for these booklets and strategy sheets are available to organizations, schools, and communities  for a nominal fee so they may be adapted to reflect your community’s own local resources.  Use the contact us button at the top of the page for more information or call the Students FIRST Project at 802-488-6706.