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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (previously called manic-depression) is a biological brain disorder marked by extreme changes in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior.  Symptoms may be present since infancy or early childhood, or may suddenly emerge in adolescence or adulthood.  Children with Bipolar Disorder – whose symptoms manifest very differently than adults – can experience severe and rapid mood changes many times each day.

Because of the wide range of symptoms, Bipolar Disorder can be difficult to diagnose in young children, though early and proper treatment can minimize the adverse effects of the disorder on their lives.

Bipolar Disorder Booklet for Parents, Guardians and Child Serving Professionals or Bipolar Quick Fact Sheet (for easier printing) - opens in PDF

Bipolar Disorder School and Classroom Strategies - opens in PDF

Bipolar Disorder Home Strategies - opens in PDF

Electronic templates for these booklets and strategy sheets are available to organizations, schools, and communities  for a nominal fee so they may be adapted to reflect your community’s own local resources.  Use the contact us button at the top of the page for more information or call the Students FIRST Project at 802-488-6706.