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Comprehensive School Services


Public School Programs


SCHOOL SERVICES PROGRAM (click for more detailed program information)

The School Services Program has masters level clinicians who provide services within the school setting, home, and community to address a broad range of challenges (environmental, emotional, developmental, behavioral, mental health) faced by children and families that may have a negative impact on learning and overall school functioning.  The primary goal of our program is to address these barriers so that children can experience healthy development and school success.


INCLUSION PROGRAM  (click for more detailed program information)

The INCLUSION Program’s purpose is to support students with the most intensive social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs by providing a broad continuum of intensive supports and services in the regular education environment, limiting more restrictive educational placements to only those students whose needs cannot be addressed with the most intensive public school based approach.


AUTISM SPECTRUM PROGRAM (click for more detailed program information)

The Autism Spectrum Program is a community-based behavioral intervention program for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.  The goal of our programming is to produce meaningful, socially significant changes in behavior and functioning using a highly individualized approach that focuses on both skill acquisition and behavioral change.


CYFS SCHOOL BASED THERAPY SERVICES (click for more detailed program information)

School based therapy services are provided by clinicians working with the CYFS Outpatient Services Program in over 20 schools across Chittenden County.  The goal of our school based services is to improve the overall quality of life for youth and families seeking our services by providing high quality therapeutic intervention that helps reduce the number and severity of problem areas bringing them to counseling.


CENTERPOINT SCHOOL BASED THERAPY SERVICES (click for more detailed program information)

Centerpoint provides school-based services to support social, emotional, and behavioral well-being in a variety of public school settings through our Student Assistance Counseling (SAP) services and through our School-Based Counseling and Therapy Services.



Howard Center’s School and Community Based Consultation and training Services are available to enhance the skills and confidence of school personnel and those working in other community settings that serve children and youth.   The goal is to help adults develop skills for promoting mental health in children and/or their families and to understand, teach, and manage children with challenging mental and behavioral health issues.

Independent School Programs


BAIRD SCHOOL (click for more detailed program information)

The Baird School is an approved Indepedent School providing year round general and special education services to children and adolescents ages 5-14 whose needs cannot currently be met in a regular education environment due to social, emotional, and/or behavioral reasons.  The goal of our program is to equip our students with the skills and characteristics necessary for successful reintegration into less restrictive educational environments and programs.


JEAN GARVIN SCHOOL (click for more detailed program information)

The Jean Garvin School is a licensed, private alternative school providing an individualized experience within a group milieu for youth in grades 7-12.  The goal of our program is to provide a safe educational and therapeutic environment that reclaims students and promotes success in school, the community, and at home.


FAY HONEY KNOPP MEMORIAL SCHOOL (click for more detailed program information)

Fay Honey Knopp Memorial School is part of the comprehensive Park Street treatment program for adolescent males with sexual harming behaviors.  The goal of our school is to provide a supportive and safe educational environment that enables each students to reach his full academic potential.


CENTERPOINT SCHOOL (click for more detailed program information)

With campuses in both South Burlington and Winooski, the Centerpoint School serves students who are faced with a range of social, emotional, learning or mental health challenges as they strive to complete their middle and high school education, work to improve their lives, and prepare themselves for successful adult living in our communities.  Centerpoint School programming includes advanced, applied, and accommodated academics fully integrated with specialized treatment and support services.