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Autism Spectrum Program

PROGRAM NAME Autism Spectrum Program
PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Autism Spectrum Program is a community-based behavioral intervention program for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the chosen treatment model given its proven effectiveness with this population.  The goal of ABA programming is to produce meaningful, socially significant changes in behavior and functioning using a highly individualized approach that focuses on both skill acquisition and behavioral change.  Essential communication, social, adaptive behavior, daily living, and functional learning skills are actively taught, with an emphasis on skill maintenance and generalization.  Data-based decision making is used to continually evaluate intervention effectiveness and the need for program changes.  Collaborative alliances with families, schools and other service providers are viewed as valuable and critical to overall success.  It is the program’s goal to support children to learn and grow to their fullest potential.
WHO WE SERVE The Autism Spectrum Program serves children and youth, ages 1-21, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, their families and team members.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES The Autism Spectrum Program offices are based at Howard Center’s Child, Youth, and Family Services building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington.  Location for service delivery is individualized based on each child’s need and can occur at home, an early learning center, school, and/or a community or vocational setting.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Intensive Interventions– Intensive, specialized instructional and behavioral treatment services offered year-round to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, along with home/school coordination, family training and support services.   Interventions can be delivered in a 1:1 format, small or large group, the community or a vocational setting.

Consultation– Consultation services related to assessment, intervention and family or team support can be provided in homes and schools.

Training – Trainings are available related to Autism Spectrum Disorders and Applied Behavior Analysis.

HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED The intensive 1:1 intervention services and family supports are funded through school districts (the Dept of Education) and the Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention program (the Child Development Division). Consultation and training can be purchased directly by schools, community providers and families. As of 7/12, Medicaid and commercial insurance are required to cover ABA services delivered by credentialed providers for children with ASD. Howard Center is currently developing the capacity to deliver these services.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Requests for publicly funded services are typically made through the public school’s special education process or the Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention Program, located at Vermont Family Network. When paying privately, community organizations and families can request intervention, consultation, and/or training directly from the Autism Spectrum Program. For more information regarding services, contact the Operations Coordinator, Holly Abrami, at 488-6602.
PRINTABLE PDF  Autism Spectrum Program Description – 2 Page PDF
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