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Baird School

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Baird School is an approved Independent School providing year-round general and special education services to children and adolescents ages 5-14 whose needs cannot currently be met in a regular education environment due to social, emotional, and/or behavioral reasons. The mission of the Baird School is to provide multifaceted academic, social, emotional, and behavioral programming for students who pose significant challenges in these areas, equipping them with the skills and strategies that will allow them to function successfully in the least restrictive educational environment available to them.
WHO WE SERVE The Baird School serves students in grades K-8 (ages 5-14) who:

  • Pose intensive emotional and behavioral challenges interfering with their ability to learn in a regular education setting.
  • Are referred by their Local Education Agency for day treatment services and/or
  • Reside at and are receiving treatment from Howard Center’s Comprehensive Care (residential therapeutic) program.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES The Baird School is located at the Howard Center Child, Youth, and Family Services building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Educational Services- Curriculum and instructional practices are research based, aligned with state standards/common core and incorporate differentiated instruction. Student progress is frequently monitored and when needed the intensity, frequency and duration of instruction is changed to ensure academic and behavioral progress.  All of our teachers and special educators are VT licensed.  Educational services include:

  • Literacy – Readers and Writers Workshop is implemented in all classrooms for 90 minutes per day.  All classroom libraries are grade leveled.  When needed, Special Educators provide additional supplemental instruction utilizing Wilson Reading® curriculums (Fundations, Just Words) as well as other evidence based curriculums (Read Naturally®).  Literacy Specialists provide the most intensive level of instruction using the Wilson Reading System®.
  • Mathematics – Classroom instruction consists of hands-on learning to assure solid understanding of math concepts, as well as regular practice of basic math skills and computation.
  • Social Studies and Science – Using the VT State Standards/Common Core as a guide, students receive experiential, hands on learning for a minimum of three times weekly.  The school relies on classroom aquariums and terrariums grow lab, Library of Congress and field trips to enrich these content areas.
  • Technology – With SMART Boards in all classrooms, one-to-one computing in the middle school classroom and I pads available for all, The Baird School is committed to providing 21st Century Learning experiences for all students.
  • Physical Education – Classes are taught twice per week and consist of sequential, progressive learning experiences related to motor skills, lifetime skills and the development of physical fitness.
  • Movement – With the goal of assuring that all students are as alert and prepared for instruction as possible, small 10 – 20 minute movement blocks are scheduled 3 times throughout each school day.
  • Art and Music – Classes are taught weekly and instruction is integrated to align with each classroom’s literacy and math instructional themes.
  • Summer Odyssey – This is considered to be part of the student’s year round program.  It runs for four weeks from early July through early August.

Therapeutic Services – A combination of effective therapeutic and behavioral interventions are used to create reclaiming classroom environments in which students can learn to get their needs met in a pro-social manner.  Toward that end, staff at The Baird School is trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Trauma informed practices (ARC).

  • Therapeutic groups are taught daily to teach the necessary skills to self-regulate, and to gain mastery and control over their own emotions and behavior.
  • Regular home school communication facilitated by School Clinicians and tri-annual meetings with school teams.
  • School Clinicians are available throughout the school day to support student therapeutic and crisis needs.

Transition Services- transition planning and reintegration services are facilitated by the Baird School Special Educator.

HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Baird School students who live in residence are funded through Private Non-Medical Institute Monies (PNMI). Day Treatment students are funded through their Local Education Agency. There is no fee charged to students or their families for the use of Baird School services.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Referrals to Baird School for children living on campus are made by the Department of Mental Health (DMH) or Department for Children and Families (DCF). Placement into the program is made following approval by the State’s Central Review Committee. Day Treatment students are referred by their Local Education Agency.The Program Director, Kristie Reed, should be contacted at (802) 488-6600 if families or public school personnel have questions about the program.
PRINTABLE PDF  Baird School Program Description
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