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Fay Honey Knopp Memorial School

PROGRAM NAME Fay Honey Knopp Memorial School
PROGRAM OVERVIEW Fay Honey Knopp Memorial School is part of the comprehensive Park Street treatment program for adolescent males with sexual harming behaviors.  The goal of our school is to provide a supportive and safe educational environment that enables each student to reach his full academic potential.
WHO WE SERVE Fay Honey Knopp educates male students in grades 7-12 who reside at and are receiving treatment for sexual harming behaviors in Howard Center’s Park Street Residential Program.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES Fay Honey Knopp is located adjacent to the Park Street residential program in Rutland, Vermont.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Educational ServicesIn addition to offering a full academic year program aligned with the Vermont Standards and Grade Level Expectations, Fay Honey Knopp School offers:

  • Differentiated, individualized and small group instruction
  • Elective courses in Industrial Arts, Driver’s Education and Life/Study Skills
  • A six week summer school session
  • Credit recovery opportunities for students who have missed or failed high school classes

Therapeutic Services

Fay Honey Knopp offers a wide array of intensive behavioral and therapeutic interventions for students including:

  • Regular community meetings and outings designed to build group cohesion and social skills appropriate for adolescent developmental needs
  • Therapeutic groups 3x per week to address critical psychological needs for which students were referred to the Park Street Program
  • Close connection between the students and their home communities through regular contact with families and/or community visits
  • Full time behavioral programming specialist is available throughout the school day and a Sensory Room to help students regulate their emotions/sensory processing needs.

Transition Services

Inter-agency collaboration, transition planning, and reintegration services are integral components of Fay Honey Knopp’s program.  Case Managers/Family Therapists and Special Educator help coordinate ongoing services for students upon their transition from our program.

HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Fay Honey Knopp students are funded through Private Non-Medical Institute Monies (PNMI), which is a combination of funding from the Department of Mental Health, Department for Children and Families, and the Department of Education.  There is no fee to students or their families to attend the Fay Honey Knopp School.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Since the students who are at Fay Honey Knopp are only those who receive residential treatment services at the Park Street Program, referrals must be made via the Department of Mental Health (DMH) or Department for Children and Families (DCF) for residential treatment.  Placement into the program and access to educational services at Fay Honey Knopp is made following approval by the State’s Central Review Committee.For more information, contact the program director, Shelly McGinnis at (802)488-6792 or by e-mail at
PRINTABLE PDF Fay Honey Knopp Memorial School Program Description – 2 Page PDF
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