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PROGRAM OVERVIEW The INCLUSION Program’s purpose is to support students with the most intensive social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs by providing a broad continuum of intensive supports and services in the regular education environment, limiting more restrictive educational placements to only those students whose needs cannot be addressed with the most intensive public school-based supports. The INCLUSION Program is designed to ensure that the identified student’s needs are fully addressed without placing undue demands on the school’s regular staff. Built on the belief that, where possible and appropriate, students benefit from placement in the regular education environment with their same age and grade peers, our ultimate goal is to have students be able to attend school without the need of our program’s extra supports.
WHO WE SERVE INCLUSION provides services to Chittenden County students in grade K-12 whom:

  • Have intensive learning challenges due to disruptive classroom behavior and/or
  • Are overextending the resources of the school’s regular and special education staff and/or
  • Are being considered for alternative school placement and/or
  • Are being reintegrated from residential or more restrictive school or classroom environments and/or
  • Are being served outside the mainstream and who need to be reintegrated into the classroom and/or school setting
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES The INCLUSION Team is based at Howard Center’s CYFS building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington.  Our services are provided throughout Chittenden County schools and in the community.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Well Trained and Supported Behavior Interventionists– Work 1:1 with the students throughout the school day providing an array of direct and immediate services in the student’s classroom and school environment including implementation of a well planned and effective student behavior plan, crisis intervention and management, instructional support, and direct teaching and reinforcement of pro-social and coping skills. 

Behavior Management Planning, Implementation, and monitoring – Comprehensive positive behavioral support plans are developed based on the assessment and intervention of an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) model of treatment.  Student progress is continuously monitored and data is presented monthly to evaluate and adjust interventions.

Direct Instruction in Specialized Literacy – Provided for INCLUSION students whose reading performance is more than two years behind that of their same age peers.

Family support and intervention services – address mental health and/or substance abuse issues within the family as well as other needed supports to maximize opportunities for the student’s school success.

Intensive collaboration with school teams – Integration Specialists work with the School Team’s to develop positive behavioral support plans and the overall structure of the student’s school program.

Summer Camp – During the month of July, the INCLUSION Program hosts a therapeutic day camp for students in our program.

Referrals for other services – INCLUSION will work with the school and/or family teams in order to make referrals for other services to meet the student’s needs.

Training and Consultation – Training and consultation related to topics impacting the students in our program is part of the INCLUSION Program array of services.  In addition, school districts may contract separately with INCLUSION for professional consultation and training related to the behavioral treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders. 

HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED INCLUSION services for qualified students are funded directly by the student’s school district.  If the student is eligible for Medicaid, Medicaid dollars may be used to offset the cost of INCLUSION services to the school district. There is no fee charged to students or their families for the use of INCLUSION services.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS The Program Director, Kristie Reed, should be contacted at 802 488-6600 if families or public school personnel have questions about the program. Referrals are made directly from the school district special education coordinator by submitting a completed referral packet.
PRINTABLE PDF INCLUSION Program Description – 2 Page PDF
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