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Jean Garvin School

PROGRAM NAME Jean Garvin School
PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Jean Garvin School is a licensed, private alternative school providing an individualized experience within a group milieu for youth in grades 7-12.   The goal of our program is to provide a safe educational and therapeutic environment that reclaims students and promotes success in school, the community, and at home. The Jean Garvin School is operated under a Consortium of School Districts in Chittenden County.
WHO WE SERVE The Jean Garvin School serves students in grades 7-12 who have been unable to be successful in less restrictive settings due to emotional, behavioral and social challenges.  Our students are creative, expressive and active.  They are able to learn both academics and social skills in a small group setting.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES The Jean Garvin School is located at 90 Harvest Lane in Williston, Vermont.
  • Jean Garvin School provides a licensed, accredited secondary school program that is individualized and differentiated for maximum learning.  Our curriculum is Vermont standards based with differentiated expectations to meet the needs and goals of each student.  Classes are taught within small groups of up to six students with one teacher to ensure active participation and ongoing classroom support as needed.
  • Time each day is dedicated to teaching the skills necessary for improved mental health and well being.  In an effort to maximize engagement, we incorporate life lessons into interactive, experiential learning based activities.
  • The program integrates alternative therapeutic modalities such as:  movement, animal assisted therapy, art-based and experiential therapy.
  • We provide Speech and Language services that include social skills and social cognition groups.
  • We provide milieu-based support and counseling to address therapeutic goals and self-regulation/management.  Our highly trained staff provides both group and individual opportunities to learn skills for success.  The school provides trauma-informed strategies, following best practices, to assist students and families in healing from complex trauma.
  • We have two school social workers who work to provide home school collaboration, family and individual support and case management.
  • Through its partnership with CYFS Outpatient Services, the Jean Garvin School has a school-based clinician on site two days each week.
HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Tuition for the Jean Garvin School is paid for by the student’s sending school district.  For those students who are Medicaid eligible, the Jean Garvin School is able to bill Medicaid for some of the services provided.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Referrals to the Jean Garvin School are made through the IEP (Individualized Education Program) Team process and/or the Legal Educational Agent/school district.  Anyone may call Lisa Bilowith at the Jean Garvin School at 802.488.6767 for more information about our program.
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