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School & Community Consultation & Training

PROGRAM NAME Consultation and Training Services
PROGRAM OVERVIEW Howard Center’s school and community based consultation and training services are available to enhance the skills and confidence of school personnel or those working in community settings that serve children and youth.  The goal is to help adults develop skills for promoting mental health in children and/or their families and to understand, teach, and manage children with challenging mental and behavioral health issues.
WHO WE SERVE Consultation and Training services are offered to  schools, school based programs, and community or social services organizations serving children and youth of all ages.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES Training can be provided at Howard Center’s Child, Youth, and Family Services building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington or at a location most convenient for trainees throughout Chittenden, Franklin, Addison, and Washington Counties. Trainings can be modified to accommodate in-service, faculty, parent group, and team meeting schedules.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Consultation and Training offers individualized and customized training and consultation services to meet the specific needs of your school or community program.Our services are provided by a variety of staff that is able to provide training(s) or share information on a wide range of topics related to mental health and wellness of children and their families.We also offer individual case consultation for a child who may be presenting with unique challenges in the school or community setting.
HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Training costs vary depending on the number of people attending and the length and location of the training provided.  The cost of specific case consultations is determined individually depending on the needs of the case.  Schools or community organizations are responsible for payment.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS For more information or to schedule training or consultation, please contact Anne Paradiso, Associate Director at or (802) 488-6679.
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