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School Services Program

PROGRAM NAME  School Services Program
PROGRAM OVERVIEW The School Services Program has master level clinicians who provide services within the school setting, home, and community to address a broad range of challenges (environmental, emotional, developmental, behavioral, mental health) faced by children and families that may have a negative impact on learning and overall school functioning.  The primary goal of our program is to address these barriers so that children can experience healthy development and school success.
WHO WE SERVE The School Services Program supports children, ages 3-22, and their families. Our program specifically targets children and youth whose families can benefit from increased skills about how to best support the unique needs of their child and who also experience one or more of the following:

  • Mental health and/or substance abuse issues that are impacting a student’s capacity for success and/or
  • Academic functioning that is well below the student’s capabilities and/or
  • A poor attitude toward school which may be reflected through withdrawal, disruptive behavior, lack of work completion, poor attendance and/or
  • Poor social skills, difficulty with peer relationships, low self-esteem and/or
  • Family challenges, stress, or isolation which negatively affects student functioning and/or
  • Socio-economic barriers that impact accessing services and supports
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES The main office for the School Services Program is at Howard Center’s CYFS building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington.  Our continuum of services, however, are provided within nearly all of Chittenden County’s 50+ schools and across the community, where necessary.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Supports and services provided through the School Services Program include:

  • Clinical assessments and mental health diagnosis
  • Development of individual treatment plans to address identified needs
  • Individual and group supportive counseling and skill building
  • Parent and caregiver support and education
  • Facilitation of communication and collaboration among service providers to ensure that services are well coordinated
  • Crisis supports
  • Links to additional needed resources/services
  • Consultation and training on a broad continuum of mental health related issues to schools, parents/caregivers, and other community partners.
HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED The School Services Program is funded through a combination of local education and state mental health dollars. There is no direct fee to children or families for services received through our program; however, Medicaid and other insurances may be billed.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS The majority of referrals come directly from school staff or teams.  Referrals may also come from the students themselves, families, or community agencies.  Contact your school counselor for referral forms. For more information about our services or the referral process, anyone may contact the School Services Clinician at their local school or the School Service Program Director, Jenn Reges at 488-6668 or
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