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Family & Community Based Services

PROGRAM NAME Family & Community Based Services
PROGRAM OVERVIEW Family and Community Based Services (FCBS) is a family-work service provided to families in their home.  This service is for families with children who struggle with significant emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges who would benefit most from in-home therapeutic supports and behavioral coaching. FCBS is a voluntary program and services typically last between 6 and 18 months.
WHO WE SERVE FCBS provides services to:

  • Medicaid eligible families
  • Families living in Chittenden County
  • Families with a child with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges with significant struggles at home, school, and/or in the community
  • Families with children, typically aged 4-17
  • Families in need of in-home supports to improve family functioning
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES FCBS services are typically provided in families’ homes and throughout Chittenden County.  Our offices are located at the Howard Center CYFS building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE The services provided by FCBS are Child-Centered and Family Focused and highly individualized depending on the specific goals of each family.  Services are provided by licensed Masters and Bachelor level trained clinicians and include:

  • In-home family work during hours of the family’s “live time” operation so that observation, strategies, and support can be provided in the context of the family’s real circumstances
  • Parent education related to child development, mental/behavioral health, and effective strategies for addressing existing challenges, including behavioral management training
  • Living skills provided for some children for specific skill development
  • Crisis intervention directly through FCBS or in coordination with First Call – Chittenden County’s child and family crisis service
  • Advocay to help the family navigage the service systems and increase access to needed services and supports.  This often includes home-school facilitation and referrals to other community based resources
  • FCBS works in collaboration with other services providers and educators to provide consistent care coordinatin for families
HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED FCBS services are funded by Medicaid.  The identified chid in the family must have Medicaid insurance to be eligible.  This can include Dr. Dynasaur or Katie Beckett Medicaid.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Most referrals for FCBS are initiated by other CYFS and/or Howard Center programs.Families or others concerned about a child or family may call the CYFS intake line at 488-7777 to discuss the possibility of FCBS services and/or to explore the continuum of programs and services offered by CYFS or call the FCBS program coordinator, Mariellen Woods, directly at 488-6620.
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