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Intensive Family Based Services

PROGRAM NAME Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS)
PROGRAM OVERVIEW IFBS provides time-limited, intensive intervention for families in which a child is at imminent risk of removal from the home for reasons of abuse, neglect, or severe emotional disturbance.    Our primary goal is prevention of out-of-home placements.  In instances where children have been placed out of the home, our goal is to reunify them with their family.
WHO WE SERVE IFBS serves Chittenden County families with children ages birth to 18 active in the mental health, social service, and/or education systems. Families eligible for our services are those in which:

  • A child is likely to be placed out-of-home within 30 days without intervention (this can include DCF custody or Mental Health hospitalization)
  • A child has been temporarily separated from his/her family within the previous 6 months, has returned home, and continues to be at risk for out of home placement
  • A child in an out-of-home placement who will return home within 3 months for whom intervention is necessary for successful reunification with their family
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES IFBS is located at the Howard Center CYFS building at 1138 Pine Street in Burlington, though our services are provided at locations throughout the Chittenden County community, primarily within family homes.
  • IFBS provides a wide range of intensive services designed to create the skills and conditions for families to provide a safe and appropriate home environment for their child(ren).  Services are provided primarily in the family home, for up to 13 weeks, with a minimum of 5 hours per week of service directly to, or on behalf of, the family.
  • The intensity of IFBS is intended to promote the family’s concentration on resolving those behaviors and conditions that place children at imminent risk of removal, and/or on the critical period when a child is being reunited with family so that the child(ren) can be provided a safe and appropriate home environment.
  • Services are highly individualized based on a family’s needs and may include: assessment, parent/family education and counseling, daily living skills instruction, crisis intervention, concrete assistance aimed at helping the family meet basic living needs, advocacy on behalf of the family, referrals to other needed resources and services, and coordination with schools and other community services.
HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Funded through a grant provided by DCF and the United Way, IFBS are provided at no cost to children or families.
  • Department for Children and Families (DCF) referrals are reviewed by the Director of the Burlington DCF Family Services Division for eligibility determination.
  • Mental health referrals are reviewed by the Howard Center, Child, Youth, and Family Services Team.
  • Eligibility is determined by level of need.
  • If you think a child or family may be in need of intensive services, call Howard Center’s Intake Line at 488-7777.
PRINTABLE PDF  IFBS Program Description
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