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Residential Assessment Program

PROGRAM NAME Residential Assessment Program
PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Residential Assessment Program is a short term (less than 90 day) program for children with significant behavioral or mental health needs.  Our goal is to provide thorough, family oriented, strength based clinical assessments to help evaluate children’s needs and make recommendations for so that communities may better support children and their families.
WHO WE SERVE The Residential Assessment Program serves 6 children (ages 5-14) from anywhere in Vermont who have significant behavioral or mental health needs.  Children referred to the Residential Assessment Program are struggling to be safe and stable in their home, school and/or community.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES The Residential Assessment Program is located at our 1138 Pine Street campus in Burlington, however, we provide therapeutic services wherever they are needed for effective assessment and planning.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Children placed in the Residential Assessment Program receive residential assessment and treatment that includes:

  • Milieu treatment
  • Clinical assessments and evaluations
  • Individual, group, and/or family therapy
  • Clinical Case Management
  • Behavioral Planning
  • Discharge Planning
  • Community Referrals

Our program is most effective when the child’s caregiver/s are able to actively participate in the assessment and treatment process.

HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Residential Assessment services are funded through contract with the Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS).   There is no fee to parents or youth for participating in the services provided through our program.
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Referrals made to the Residential Assessment Program are initially generated by the youth’s local team of service providers.  With either the Department for Children and Families (DCF) or the Department of Mental Health (DMH) taking the lead, a Coordinated Services Plan (CSP) is developed and a referral is made to the Case Review Committee (CRC) for authorization of placement. For more information or to make a referral contact the Residential Assessment Program Coordinator, Prudence Trombly, at (802) 488-6696.
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