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Therapeutic Foster Care


PROGRAM NAME Therapeutic Foster Care
PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides children and youth with safe, nurturing, and stable therapeutic foster care during times when their intensive needs necessitate out-of-home therapeutic care.  Whether re-unifying children and youth with their own or extended family or connecting them with other natural supports, our primary goal is to establish and/or support permanency (lifelong, stable connections) for every child in our care.
WHO WE SERVE The Therapeutic Foster Care Program serves Chittenden County children and youth, ages 4-22 who are in the custody of the Department for Children and Families (DCF) and/or those under the supervision of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) who are in need of out of home care to address issues of safety and/or significant mental health care needs.
WHERE WE PROVIDE SERVICES Therapeutic Foster Homes are located throughout Chittenden County and surrounding areas.  The foster families who open their homes to young people in our program receive specialized training to support complex social, emotional and/or behavioral needs.
WHAT SERVICES WE PROVIDE Therapeutic Foster Care services provided through our program are individualized based on each child and family’s needs and include some or all of these:

  • Foster or kinship care
  • Clinical case management
  • Individual, family and/or group treatment
  • Individual community supports
  • Transition services
  • Specialized assessments and services as needed

In addition to direct foster care and related services, the Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides consultation and training to foster families and other child-serving organizations throughout Vermont to increase the capacity to effectively serve children and youth in foster care.

HOW SERVICES ARE FUNDED Therapeutic Foster Care services are funded directly through the DMH and/or DCF.  There is no direct fee to children, youth, or their families for services provided through our program
HOW TO MAKE REFERRALS Referrals are made directly by the child’s DCF and/or Mental Health contact. If you would like more information about our program and the services we provide or if you are interested in becoming a therapeutic foster home, contact or (802) 488-7111.
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