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Questions for Potential Therapists

Questions to help you find “the right” therapist for you or your child

  1. Are you currently licensed in the state of Vermont?
  2. Have you ever lost your license or been suspended from practicing?
  3. What type of clinical license do you have and may I have your license number?
  4. How many years have you been practicing as a therapist?
  5. Do you specialize in treating any particular mental health issues or any particular age group?
  6. How much experience do you have in treating mental health issues like the one my child is struggling with?  How many children or adolescents have you treated with issues similar to my child?
  7. What types of treatment have you recommended to other parents of children with similar conditions?
  8. What does research say about the effectiveness of that type of intervention for treating the type of mental health issues my child is facing?
  9. How long should it take before I begin to see improvement in my child’s symptoms?
  10. What are your professional feelings and thoughts about pharmacological interventions?
  11. Are you able to assess if my child needs medication?  Can you prescribe medication or do you work closely with someone who can prescribe medication?
  12. What arrangements are in place if I need to reach you after hours or in an emergency?
  13. What do you believe is the role of families in their children’s mental health treatment?  How will you include me in my child’s treatment?
  14. Are you available for consultation or collaborating with my child’s school to assure continutiy of care across settings?
  15. What types of insurance do you accept?  Do you have sliding scale fees?